Heavenly Creatures

by Bleu Velvet

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Recorded in South NJ with a tascam DP-02 8-track, Roland SP404, and a shitty dynamic mic.


released August 1, 2016

For my sister Bernadette and Christina. Special thanks to my friend and bandmate Bryant for his musicianship and songwriting influenced this album in more ways than one.



all rights reserved


Bleu Velvet Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Bleu Velvet is moniker of Frankie Mashockie used to create fuzzy strange pop overlaid with static guitar loops and lo-fi drum machine beats.

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Track Name: Celestial Blue
As I walk through the streets of Port Richmond,
Feeling so lighthearted and shrewd.
All the faces I pass so familiar,
But not one of them has a clue.
So I wave to colonial houses,
And ask them all 'how do they do?'
But my favorite on Earl by the corner,
Was painted a puke yellow stew.
So I drop to my knees in such anger,
And told him I'd paint you back soon.
I'll vanquish them all like Lysander,
Until you're Celestial Blue.

Until you're Celestial Blue.

As a reminisce of the first night,
That morning I felt so alone.
I sat in the Fantonka Embankment,
And wished for someone of my own.
She appeared from the fog on the river,
Her hair black and cheeks white as snow.
My heart nearly stopped as it quivered,
I embraced her like someone I'd known.
And she dug right down into my insides,
Tore the tendrils out from the unknown.
Yet I still wish to be by her bedside,
A house in Kolomna we'd grow.

A house in Kolomna we'd grow.
Track Name: Ophelia
She kept her picture book close at an early age,
Where she'd go anywhere to escape her papered cage.
A house upon a hill where her father drank to die,
And her sad mother who could only bat an eye.
So she'd climb on the chair and jump to the night stand,
And walk out on the snow onto the crystal land.
Where she'd imagine she's a drifting white snow flake,
Shapeless and slow, quite unsteady and opaque.

Oh, she's Ophelia when shes,
Cloaked in her clouds.
Oh, she's Ophelia as she,
Floats to the ground.

But as she floats onto her bed she hears a noise,
Daddy's awake and throws his bottle at her toys.
So she just shuts her eyes to see beauty and the strange,
A thousand clovers marching across a mountain range.
And opal clouds that take on silly freakish forms,
Reflecting rainbows onto candy thunderstorms.

Oh she's Ophelia when shes,
Cloaked in her clouds.
Oh, shes Ophelia as she,
Floats to the ground.
Track Name: For Juliet's Health
She was always told its for the good of her health,
Took the pills her boyfriend gave her right off of the shelf.
Locks the door, lays on the floor, cigarette against her lips.
Ask the dust, kiss the wind, to die she can't resist.

I don't need to be anywhere

Ties her hair and puts it up, neatly in a bun.
Swappin' spit, and angel fit, to know how to have fun.
Digs her nails into the skin she bled until she scratched.
Grabs the vase her mother gave her smashed against the glass.

I don't need to be anywhere
Track Name: Porcelain
Death creeps slowly on the first born son,
Just like dust is always right behind the sun.
Kids in the backyard chewin' on sticks of gum,
Only one has the keys to the lock on daddy's gun.

I'm bulimic, she said.
I'm anemic, he said.

Keep your tongue and your opinions to yourself,
Cause I can't contrast between the smiles and your frowns.
You could shit upon a vintage porcelain pail,
Don't matter if you do or if you don't, you'll go to hell.

I'm bulimic, she said.
I'm anemic, he said.
Track Name: Fifth & Olive
Neon tubes gleam,
In fog as it tumbles,
Out to the street,
She's drunk as she stumbles,
Into your heart,
She'll rip through your ribcage,
And tear you apart,
While the sweet smell of green sage,
Lingers in the hall,
Where you tried to save her,
And you'll call and call,
For the breath you once savored,
But now she is free,
To dance and to float on,
The tops of the trees,
The neon is making her glow.

And I know

The faint yellow light,
The hall smells of roaches,
So into the night,
You stop and approach it,
The whole world it fades,
As you peer in the chateau,
And glimpse in her gaze,
A ghost in the shadows,
Remains in the air,
The scent in wet morning,
Of perfume she'd wear,
The times she adored me,
Under the flood light,
That shimmers before me,
A beautiful sight,
The neon is making her glow.

And I know
Track Name: Dago's Son
I was five when she said hun,
You ain't made for American sun.
Hang out to dry in the sunshine,
Just yesterday I was feeling fine.
The city shrieks with sounds of cabs,
And reeks of romance I'll never have,
And fashioned clothes make mine look drab.
Roll it all, pay it all back.

Cause I'm a dago's son

All you cowards and all you frauds,
And all you freaks and all you dogs.
Take it anywhere you sold your son,
And your young body to everyone.
Gave out your soul to the first white guy,
Who looked into your dazzled eyes.
And he pinned you up onto the cross,
Crown of thrones and dental floss.

Cause I'm a dago's son